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How to Download

How to Download From www.BypassiClouds.com
After some complains from our visitors, who could not get the files, they’ve been looking for, we wrote short tutorial, to help you out!
There is just seven steps to follow:

How to download programs from this site:
1. Clear Cookies (If you can’t do this on your browser search how do it in google.com)
2. Disable ad-blocking program if you have one (for example, AdBlock)
3. Click “Download” under file which you want download.
4. Choose one of offers. (Choose offers placed high – these offers often works).
5. If you complete one of these surveys, back to site and you’ll see download (DON’T CLOSE SURVEY PAGE!!!)
6. If download not active wait 5 minutes and refresh site.
7. If download still locked try to do other survey (clear cookies again).

It’s really simple, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Just start downloading www.bypassiclouds.com